Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mike Carey's The Devil You Know hits American Book Shelves

We finally get killer comic writer Mike Carey's (Lucifer, Hellblazer, etc) debut novel, The Devil You Know in the US this week.

According to the back of the book blurb,
Felix Castor used to cast out demons for a living, and London was his stamping ground. But in a time when the supernatural realm is in upheaval and spilling over in the mundane world of the living, his skills are in renewed demand. With old debts to pay, Castor is left with no choice but to accept one final, well-paying assignment; a seemingly simple exorcism.
I have covered Carey in a few other posts. He is a writer that you have to read. Grand Central Publishing has an excerpt from the book.

Comic Book Resources has an interview.

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