Monday, April 03, 2006

Mike Carey interview at Alien Online

Mike Carey, the amazing writer of the olny comic I buy monthly, Lucifer (yeah, that Lucifer--The one that Neil Gaiman introduced to us in Sandman) has written his first novel, The Devil You Know.

It sounds like a nice romp;
Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist, and London is his stamping ground. At a time when the supernatural world of the dead and departed is in upheaval and spilling over into the mundane reality of the living, his skills have never been more in demand. A good exorcist can charge what he likes but there's a risk; sooner or later he's going to take on a spirit that's too strong for him to take down easily…

There is a nice inerview with him up over at Alien Online. He talks about the book, writing, and the influence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on current horror stories.

I thought what he had to say about Buffy was interesting:

Well the importance of Buffy as a paradigm-shifting event is colossal, and I think it's playing a part in almost all that's going on in the horror / fantasy genre at the moment, in more or less every expressive medium. And actually its influence goes even wider than that, because the whole ensemble cast formula has now become a default for new TV drama, where a little while ago it was consciously avoided.

Check out the full interview HERE.


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