Sunday, July 08, 2007

Movie Review - Night of the Werewolf (1980)

I've heard a lot about Paul Naschy’s werewolf movies over the years, but never had a chance to see one until Deimos Entertainment released Night of the Werewolf on DVD earlier this year. Since I was a little kid I have had a soft spot for Gothic horror, stemming from the classic Universal monster movies and a healthy dose of Gothic fiction. Night of the Werewolf fits right into that spot.

The movie starts in the 1600's, with the death of Countess Bathory and her werewolf henchman, Count Waldemar Daninsky and then jumps forward to a more modern time where three women archaeologists in search of Bathory's tomb stumble across a newly resurrected Daninsky.

Love, death, and Gothic castles abound as the werewolf terrorizes the countryside, Bathory is resurrected from the dead, and wolf-man vs. vampire action ensues.

The pacing is slow and the cinematography is gorgeous. You can tell here that Naschy is trying for something nostalgic and more artful than most monster movies of the 80's. Comparisons to Universal and Hammer movies would be more accurate. The Gothic atmosphere pulls you in and you forgive the small imperfections of slow-motion jumps that go no where or faulty storytelling because the tone of the movie makes you feel that they were all part of an overall experience.

If your a fan of the classics and the Hammer movies, Night of the Werewolf is one for your collection. I was thoroughly entertained.

Deimos Entertainment also has provided a wonderful interactive menu and extras like production stills and a fun intro by Naschy himself who tells you to turn out the lights and get ready for Gothic frights.

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