Friday, June 29, 2007

Masters of Horror Season One Limited Edition Mausoleum Set

This Limited Edition Mausoleum DVD Set looks amazing. Too bad I only really enjoyed about half these films and the ones I really liked (Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, Dreams in the Witch House, and Cigarette Burns) can be bought very cheaply used.

Although, according to TV Shows on DVD,
The "14th Disc" - available exclusively with the Box Set – contains such never-before-seen footage as:
- Masters of Horror Dinner – Mick Garris assembles the Season One directors for a special MOH dinner at Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle;
- Masters of Horror DGA Panel discussion
- Fantasy Film Festival: Mick Garris Interviews Steven Spielberg
- Fantasy Film Festival: Mick Garris Interviews John Boorman

I'm watching Jenifer now and I just picked up Fair Haired Child, so maybe they will sway me toward the box set.

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