Monday, February 05, 2007

Whedon, movies, and Buffy

If you have been living under a rock or too caught up in Super Bowl fever, you might not have read the news that Whedon has removed himself from Warner Bros' Wonder Woman movie citing creative differences. Have they not learned to just let Whedon do what he wants!

At least we still have Buffy Season 8 in comic form. Here is an interview about the comic over at and some new images from the book.

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At 3:13 PM CST, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

This was indeed sad news, but given the way Joss has been known to drag his feet on things, perhaps not terribly surprising .. I'm really looking forward to the Buffy comic, though, and apparently Universal has bought a pitch from him called "Goners," but I don't know much about that one

At 4:52 PM CST, Blogger buck said...

I agree that he takes his time, but he kicks out some great work. I am looking forward to Goners, probably more than I was Wonder Woman. He talks a little bit about it in the MTV interview.

Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog and added it to my role. Very nice!


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