Monday, March 26, 2007

Ron Moore Talks the Battlestar Galactica Season Finale (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Ron Moore sheds some light on a strange and (in my opinion) disappointing Battlestar Galactica season finale over at Tuned in Journal. The interview made me feel a little better about the revelations, but overall I wasn't impressed. The music that was bugging four crew members turned out to be exactly what most watchers feared. They showed us four of the five other cylons at the same time after they have building up the mystery forever. It is interesting that, as Moore discusses, the cylons are members of each branch of fleet life, but this fact points to a past knowledge that I find hard to believe.

Starbuck's return was the icing on the crap cake. Apollo leaves formation right before a fire fight and when Kara shows she throws out a "howdy - I found Earth" like it's the feel good moment of the century. The inclusion of "All Along the Watchtower" tied it all up as a loser move for me. They have never had licensed music in the show before and the score has always been brilliant. Why start now?

All in all, I was more disappointed with this years finale than last. At least last year I could chalk it up to a cheap trick and move on. But, the first three episodes of this year (the best of the season besides the "should have been 2 hour" Strike episode). I can only be hopeful that Moore knows what he is doing and the long wait (till January 2008) will be worth it.



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