Saturday, December 23, 2006

Review: Night at the Museum

Things I learned from watching “Night at the Museum”

1. Ben Stiller is a terrible, terrible actor.

2. No one really needs to sleep.

3. If we would all just sit down and talk it out, there wouldn’t be any more war.

4. If we would all just get in touch with our feelings, we all be better off.

5. It’s okay for divorced women who live with their kid and their fiancée to lecture the kid’s dad about not creating a “stable environment” for said kid.

6. If you have been working on a dissertation for 4 years and it’s 900 pages long, it’s perfectly normal to quit it so that the main character can save the day later on in the movie.

7. Everything else in the museum can roam around at night, except one certain exhibit that is behind glass that we need to come out later in the movie because the plot is really thin.

8. A cool idea means nothing without characters and plot.

No Blasters rating: Two thumbs down, way down.



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