Friday, October 06, 2006

New Star Trek: TNG Comic flying from IDW

Newsarama has a new interview with IDW Editor in Chief and Publisher Chris Ryall about their new Star Trek: The Next Generation comic series.

I love IDW's work on their ANGEL, CSI and 24 comics, it's quality work, but I have never picked them up in comic form, only collected. My Trek friends are already saving their money for a new monthly buy.

Star Trek has a long sorted history with the comic industry:
Comic versions of Trek have seen their share of publishers, starting with Gold Key in the '60s and '70s, Marvel in the early '80s, DC in the latter '80s and mid '90s, Malibu/Marvel in the late '90s, and the DC imprint, Wildstorm, in the early part of this decade, and most recently, Tokyopop gave it a go with a manga anthology of stories set during the Original Series Timeline.

I actually picked the Tokyopop manga up the other day at Borders and flipped through it. It looked very cool.

You know what needs a manga treatment - Stargate SG1. That would be a cool book.


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