Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New show: Heroes

I'm really enjoying the new show Heroes (aka "X-Men" for a new generation). I wasn't planning on being a regular viewer, but I caught the first episode last week online, and was intrigued enough to tune in this week. After last night's episode, I admit that I think I'm getting hooked. The reason? Mainly the characters. I am of the opinion that there are probably too many of them, but I'll admit that they are all interesting. My favorite is Hiro, the Japanese guy. Dorky but loveable. Also compelling is Claire, with her Big Bad dad.

Warning: There be spoilers and off-topic ranting below.

I do have some beef with Pete's mom telling him that his dad was born with a genetic inclination to depression, and that the really couldn't help getting depressed and finally killing himself. This is basically saying that the individual has no power over mental illness. Not sure this a good or realistic message.

Does anyone know what the superpower of the single mother (Niki) is? I can't figure it out.


At 3:27 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niki's superpower is what I call "berzerker rage" (to steal a term used for Wookiees in the West End Star Wars RPG). I think it's supposed to be akin to "hulking out". The fact that this alter ego is in her subconscious mind and is communicating with her waking self is an interesting twist. But I think it might be a bit cerebral for the general audience. Also, it sounds like she might have a similar power to the alluded to Sylar character, whO I'm classifying as the "super-villain" of Heroes.

At 3:33 PM CDT, Blogger Anna said...

Cool, thanks!

At 3:40 PM CDT, Blogger buck said...

One of my life goals is complete!

People are using the West End Star Wars RPG for cultural reference!

I still have all my books from one of the best RPGs ever made.


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