Monday, July 03, 2006

Mini Reviews - I watch them, so you don't have to!


Being a Kurt Wimmer fan (I loved Equilibrium) and a Milla Jovovich (not her music, just Resident Evil I and II plus The Fifth Element) I went into this movie with high hopes. What I find was a mishmash of cool and horrible effects along with a story that was nothing really new. I loved some of the fight scenes and how Milla's outfit would change color all the time, but do we really need another "this boy can either save or kill the world and you must protect him movie?"

If you are bored and like to watch Milla kick butt, head out and rent it. If you want to see Wimmer at his best, head to the dollar section and rent Equilibrium.

Masters of Horror: Deer Woman:

If you have read my earlier post about the Masters of Horror series you know that I have a love/hate relationship with them. My major problem is that I watched Incidents on and off a Mountain Road first. It was the first episode to air. After that, every episode I have seen has just been less than grand. John Landis' Deer Woman is no exception.

Landis does lighten things up with some humor and you can tell that his story is tongue in check, but it is still little more than an Outer Limits episode. He is supposed to be a "master!"

He gets a plus for the dream sequence with the were-deer in lumberjack atire, but the story could have been so much better. Rent An American Werewolf in London again, or take a chance with Incidents, you won't be dissappointed.


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