Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Look at Whedon's new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic

Joss Whedon announced a while back that he would be writing a Buffy series for Dark Horse Comics that would take place in the continuity of the show as an 8th season. EW.com gives us the first look from the book. Just a cover of Buffy looking like women in comics always look.

Whedon's writing will be wonderful, but the perfect woman artwork that is so prevalent in most comics will make some Buffy fans want to toss the book in the trash.

Anna really needs to post her views about how women are drawn in comics. Even in some of the best (Y the Last Man) the artists can never portray reality. I have a hard time getting my women friends into the stories when the art is so geared toward pre-pubescent men (like some of the ones in EW's comments).


At 5:20 PM CDT, Blogger Anna said...

Actually, this isn't too awful. It's not like she has huge boobs or anything. Now what may be in the comic itself may be something different.

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