Thursday, May 18, 2006

A live-action Blood: The Last Vampire is on its way reports from Cannes that,
Bill Kong, producer of "Crouching Tiger" and "Hero," is to reteam with helmer Ronny Yu for "Blood: The Last Vampire," an English-language adaptation of a best-selling Japanese manga comic series.

Yu recently directed "Fearless," the Jet Li-starring actioner that with "King Kong" heads the B.O. standings in China this year, with a gross exceeding RMB100 million ($12.5 million). Kong produced "Fearless" through his Hong Kong-based Edko Films.

"Blood" will be produced by Edko with France's Pathe group.

I own the anime and was really impressed by the animation, but the story was lacking. I have never read the manga, but I read the Dark Horse novel a few months ago and was a little bored. Let's hope the live-action version has a good storyline to back up a great concept.

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