Monday, April 17, 2006

Robin Williams as the Joker

According to The Movie Blog,
in a recent interview, Robin Williams said he would love to work with Chris Nolan (Batman Begins Director and he worked with Williams on Insomnia) again. He also directly said he would love to play the Joker. His exact words were "Oh God Yeah!".

Please, God, NO!

Sure he can play a psycho, Insomnia and One Hour Photo proved that, the problem is they were both Robin Williams playing a psycho. Like so many comedian actors, he rarely has the depth to make you forget he is Williams.

My vote for the Joker is Bruce Campbell. You might throw my argument about Williams back in my face, but one viewing of Bubba Ho-Tep would show you how well Campbell can slide into another persona when the part is right.

Plus, he has the chin!


At 10:13 PM CDT, Blogger Pursuit said...

Don't know this Campbell guy, but I couldn't agree more regarding williams. Last time I checked the Joker was not a short, chubby, stream of conciousness comedian.

At 12:05 AM CDT, Blogger buck said...

If you haven't heard of Cambell, I suggest you head right out to your local dollar bin and rent Army of Darkness and Bubba Ho-Tep. Two painfully funny horror movies that are pure genius. You can also catch him as the ring announcer at the Wrestling event in Spider-Man.


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