Monday, April 10, 2006

Bubba Nosferatu is gearing up to Take Care of Business!

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the prequel to the wonderful Bruce Campbell as Elvis horror/comedy Bubba Ho-tep is back on track.
"The project has a life of its own," said Coscarelli, who is working on the script in collaboration with writer Joe R. Lansdale, who came up with the original short story. "People seem to want it. We just have to get it finished. The whole idea of Bubba Nosferatu was a joke." The end of Bubba Ho-tep promised a sequel: Bubba Nosferatu: The Curse of the She-Vampire, starring Sebastian Haff, the fictional Elvis impersonator who supposedly switched places with the real Elvis and then wouldn't switch back.

If you haven't seen the original, it is well worth seeing. Bruce Campbell is hilarious as Elvis and Ossie Davis was wonderful in his role also.

Read more at Sci Fi Wire.


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