Sunday, February 26, 2006

Octavia Butler Has Died

There are some authors that make me feel glad that I am alive today along with them, and I will keep on reading their work as long as they keep on writing it. Orson Scott Card is one such author, so is Neil Gaiman. Octavia Butler was another.

Octavia Butler's work was extraordinary. In fact, she was probably a more imaginative and better writer than the two I listed above, and I don't mean no disrespect to Mr. Card or Mr. Gaiman.

Octavia Butler's brand of science fiction was completely unique. Her protagonist was almost always a strong black woman, but this was not rubbed in your face. Nope, the protagonist was a decent human being, and we cheered her on because we hoped that we would be as smart and courageous as her, were we in her sitaution.

I didn't always agree with Octavia Butler, but in the end we hope for the same thing; that humanity's good side will prevail in the end.

Thank you, Ms. Butler, for sharing your entertaining and intelligent writing with us.

June 22, 1947-February 25, 2006



At 12:22 PM CST, Blogger Julie D. said...

I haven't ever read any of her writing. What would you recommend I start with?

At 1:07 PM CST, Blogger Anna said...

I would say that her most popular works are Kindred and Wild Seed.

I myself really liked Kindred and I also liked her Parable series. The Parable series can be difficult to read; for example, my mother couldn't stand to finish them because of what happens to the characters.

Probably her most overtly science fiction books (due to aliens) are the Lilith's Brood books; of course they are also great. These might be good books to start with because you can buy them for about $10 new at amazon, part of a 3-in-1 deal.

Thanks for asking!

At 3:14 PM CST, Blogger Julie D. said...

Thanks for the scoop. I definitely will check these books out. :-)


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