Monday, January 16, 2006

Browncoats Ask For Donations to Fund a New Season

UPDATE: The Site is already down and they are returning all donations, stating, "We came up against insurmountable odds and legal issues launching our fund-raising drive"

Firefly fans have a created a new website asking for donations to fund a new season of Firefly. Their Strategy.:

It is estimated that it costs $1 million to create an episode of Firefly. To produce a complete season, it would require $24 million to make this happen. If 500,000 fans donate $2.00, we could produce one (1) episode. Raising the money to produce one episode will not be enough, so we need fans to donate $25 or $50 to resurrect Firefly for a complete season.
As we have posted on here before, Whedon doesn't believe that Firefly will ever exist as a series again, but if they succeed, more power to them. If you donate, leave a comment and tell us about it.

Here is the Website - Browncoats Rise Again. com


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