Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Invasion - Simulblogging the E.B.E.s (SPOILERS)

We finally got to see the aliens tonight on Invasion. They were lame, glowing stingray looking things, but at least we gat a look. They have been dragging us along for weeks and we still don’t know what’s going on. I keep telling myself that I am done with this show, but the fact that it is after Lost and that the Russ character is a cool audio-blogger keeps me coming back.

Ohh, and now we find out that being taken over by the alien or getting impregnated with one (whatever Puppet Master like thing is going on) can heal people, even to the point of growing back limbs. It grows a whole new body? The old skeleton was the sheriff’s?

Of Course, now the sheriff has gotten out the chainsaw. Oh yeah, what we need is a little Evil Dead action. Oh man, the deputy is going to cut his own arm off. This show has just jumped up there on my list. But, come on! His own arm. Right! The guy would have passed out!

Well, I will be back next week. They kept me hooked with the cutting off of appendages.


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